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Weight Limits for Road Transport in Australia


This maximum covers the combined weight of the Truck/Trailer Container and Cargo.

General Purpose (GP)20' GP (28M3)40' GP (56M3)40' HC (66M3)

Container Weight 2,230kg 3,700kg 3,970kg

Standard Truck Weight 14,000kg 14,000kg 14,000kg

Sideloader Truck Weight 21,000kg 21,000kg 21,000kg


Maximum Weight of cargo that can be loaded (NETT WEIGHT)

20' GP40' GP40' HC

Standard Truck 26,270kg 24,800kg 24,530kg

Sideloader Truck 19,270kg 17,800kg 17,530kg


Average container and truck weights have been used in this guide. 

The guide does not cover variables in the configuration of the truck and trailer, number of axles and the load distribution of the cargo inside containers.

The above is a maximum guide only and the road regulations vary between states. Variations for maximum loads on steer, drive and trailer axles.

Please contact your local Henning Harders (Australia) Pty office for assistance and advice.