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Our people

Exceptional staff and quality training 

The “Henning Harders family” includes over 130 staff members, many of them logistics, customs and freight forwarding specialists, who have been with the company for many years or even decades. 

Our clients rely on our staff for their professionalism, innovative thinking and genuine interest in their business. 

The selection, training and care of staff produce a team-based family culture that creates a supportive and flexible work atmosphere committed to excellence. 

All Henning Harders Australia trainees receive a European-style apprenticeship – in-house and in all facets of the industry. 

Our training instils an exceptional customer service philosophy and equips our employees with the education and skills to achieve our service standards. 

National Operations Manager Michael Clague began as a trainee with Henning Harders in 1991. 

One-Key-Account-Manager policy 

Every client, large or small, is assigned one dedicated Key-Account-Manager to personally manage their business needs. This experienced staff member is supported by a team of specialists in logistics, customs, import and export forwarding. 

Our unique service model provides clients with:

  • Direct and personal contact 
  • Efficient flow of information 
  • Prompt and effective handling of requests and questions 
  • Regular reviews to strengthen their supply chain 
  • Prompt resolution of any issues 
  • A quality-assured customer experience 

Our staff expertise is the key to our service excellence 

HAR001_Smaller Images on Info Pages_150409_V12.jpgHenning Harders supports the development and training of staff beyond their initial qualifications through active membership and attendance of seminars and courses held by Industry bodies such as CBFCA.

In-House Professional Training Programs equip our employees with the appropriate tools and techniques to achieve continuous improvement of our business processes and motivate them to aim for industry leading service excellence.

HAR001_Smaller Images on Info Pages_150416_Staff Group_1.jpgWe invest in our employees and require them to undergo a "European Style" apprenticeship. Employees work their way through all departments in the company and gain a solid understanding of all facets of our business and industry.

This enables them to gain all-round knowledge to provide clients with personalised one-on-one service. They also develop deep expertise in key customer industries which help build the long-term customer relationships that are the foundation of our business.